sally1 001A little about me and my bags……..

After many years travelling the world, I settled in Southern France to raise my family. I had found a beautiful 17th century village house, which I set about restoring. I discovered all the local “flea” markets and Sunday mornings were spent amassing not only original fixtures for the house but also textiles, vintage handbags, beads, shells and little trinkets that reminded me of all the colours and sensations I had seen on my travels.

My inspiration for this collection came when I found a tiny Mexican bag made of goat skin lined in red leather with exquisite hand crafted details. I realised that I could incorporate the contrasting textures of these vintage elements with more functional and practical designs and shapes to create something new.

YogyakartaHaving created my first collection the task of finding a manufacturer who could interpret my designs, complete with all the hand work, began; and what a journey that was to become finishing with relocating to Bangkok for a year. I eventually found the perfect manufacturer in Jogyjakarta in Java who works out of a small workshop in the jungle employing the local villagers and outsourcing much of the hand work to ladies in their homes.

These bags are world-inspired, bespoke and totally unique, they are everything I look for in a bag.